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Where good people can make a big impact by providing quality raw hides across the country. 

Based in Inwood, New York; at home in the Midwest. We have plant locations in Nebraska, Missouri, Texas, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.


AJHollander offers a full selection of hide and skin products for the global market. Our hides are further processed into luxury car upholstery, shoes, dog chew toys, and more.


Our employees are instrumental in the beginning stages of creating finished leather by producing quality hides & skins.

Raw Cattle Hide Processing
Brii Yeje

Meet Brii Yeje, HR Manager

Brianna Yeje joined AJHollander Enterprises, Inc. as the Corporate Human Resources Manager in October 2022, leading HR functions across five plant locations. Some of her primary roles include the recruitment and onboarding process, benefits and payroll, safety incentives and support, and compliance.

Brii earned her Master of Science in Global Affairs with a concentration in Global Economy and Private Sector from New York University in 2020. She has held many Human Resources leadership roles with other New York logistics companies and is excited to bring her skills to the AJHollander Enterprises group.

Corporate Career

POD Logistics

Interested in driving for our sister company? POD Logistics is hiring truck drivers. POD Logistics offers reliable trucking and drayage services from 3 locations:

  • Kansas City, Missouri

  • Dallas, Texas

  • Amarillo, Texas


POD Logistics serves the Kansas City and Dallas rail yards, and the port of Houston along with a fully staffed cold-storage warehousing facility.

POD Logistics
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