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Custom Raw Hide Processing Plant in Kansas City, Missouri

KC Hide Inc. Warehouse


Custom raw cattle hide products for our customers. 

KC Hide Inc. was recently acquired in 2021 by Howard Ganz and AJHollander Enterprises, a globally-recognized expert in rawhide processing.


We are meticulous in our methods. Each hide is fleshed and processed to meet or exceed all customer requirements and specifications. Our internal quality controls require a 95% accuracy in grading. We take pride in our products and ensure each hide is cured to perfection.

Custom KC Hide Inc. Products

Wet Blue Hide
Wet Blue Hides
Eastern Conv Cow.JPG
Custom Cattle Hides
Custom Variety Hides
Variety Animal Hides

KC Hide Inc. Facility

KC Hide Inc Facility Aerial View

4,500 HIDES

KC Hide Inc. processes in upwards of 4,500 hides per day as the newest AJHollander Enterprises hides processing facility.

50,000 SQ FT

KC Hide Inc. spans 50,000 square feet and has the ability to take custom orders. Products are customize to client specifications and requirements.


KC Hide Inc. was designed with our customers in mind. Every custom product is graded with a  95% grading accuracy or greater. 

Wet Blue Hide

Dedicated to Quality

AJHollander commits to providing products and services that meet or exceed all customer requirements, applicable standards, and specifications. 

The AJHollander Quality System and its associate Quality Procedures are a part of our team's responsibility to attain and maintain to produce the highest quality product for each of our customers.

Delivered as Promised

Delivering as promised because our customers deserve the best. Meet our sister company, POD Logistics, offering reliable trucking and drayage services.


You can expect perfectly preserved hides that meet or exceed your expectations delivered to your facility on time, every time. This philosophy has distinguished us as the most reliable source of rawhide materials in the United States.

POD Logistics
Raw Hide Processing

Meticulous in Our Methods

As a globally-recognized expert in rawhide processing, hides are fleshed and cured with our meticulous method, ensuring every hide is well preserved and custom created for our customers.

With uniform processing and hands-on management, our customers can feel secure in knowing their hides will be delivered exactly as ordered.

Contact Our Plant Manager



800 Atlantic St.

Kansas City, MO 64116


Monday-Friday 7AM - 4:30PM

(516) 295-2400 ext.101

Plant Manager
Contact KC Hide Inc.


We’re looking for hands-on talent to join our team. Explore all our positions or submit your resume below.

Truck Driver

Hourly Production

Plant Management

Corporate Career - New York

POD Logistics Positions

AJHollander Leadership Team

Howard Ganz


Howard Ganz joined AJHollander in 1992 and reincorporated the US operations in 1995. He has been the driving force for the success of the company for over 25 years.

Brianna Yeje

Human Resources Manager

Brianna Yeje joined AJHollander Enterprises, Inc. as the Corporate Human Resources Manager in October of 2022 where she leads HR functions across all 5 plant locations. Brii earned her Master of Science in Global Affairs with a concentration in Global Economy and Private Sector from New York University in 2020. She has held many Human Resources leadership roles with other New York logistics companies and is excited to bring her skills to the AJHollander Enterprises group.

Benjamin Ganz


Benjamin Ganz joined AJ Hollander Enterprises as Chief Operating Officer in 2010. Since that time, he has been blessed to work with a talented and dedicated group of people that have allowed the company to grow from two plants to five.

Gabriel Sitzer

Logistics Manager

Gabriel Sitzer joined AJHollander in 2021 and today he is the Logistics Manager. Gabriel got a BS in Managerial Accounting, and uses his background in cost accounting to find optimal ways to ship our products worldwide.

David Fuller

VP of Operations

Originally from Colorado, David Fuller is a Marine Corps veteran and has several years of experience operating manufacturing facilities. David has been managing the processing plants for AJHollander since 2014.

Hadar Stein

Documentation Coordinator

Hadar Stein has been a dedicated Documentation Coordinator since joining AJ Hollander Enterprises in 2011. She has tailored her skillsets to encompass the industry and has the knowledge base to service all customer's needs. Her continued tenure aids in making the AJ Hollander logistics department the gold-standard in the hide trading industry.

Our Locations

Based in New York, but at home in the Midwest.

AJHollander is proudly distinguished as the most reliable American-made source of rawhide materials for the United States with facilities in Wisconsin, Nebraska, Missouri, Texas, and Tennessee:

AJHollander New York Office
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