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Brazilian's CICB visits AJHollander

The Brazilian Tanners Association, CICB, tours AjHollander's Hastings Hide facility in May of 2018. The CICB's Trade Intelligence carries out a series of trade missions to countries that have buying potential for Brazil's tanning industry.

Touring Hastings Hide Inc in Hastings, Nebraska

Leather and leather products are among the most widely traded products worldwide and AJHollander begins the process of creating finished leather. Brazil's Tanners Association, the CICB, had the opportunity to tour our largest producing raw cattle hides facility in Hastings, Nebraska to watch how we do it.

What the U.S. Hides Market Means to Brazil

The United States is one of the top 7 market giants with a share of 2.95% following only. Brazil is the United State's second largest supplier of finished leathers with Italy as number one. Finished leathers with higher added value are the majority of the United States imports, which means that Brazil still has a significant growth potential.

About the CICB

The initiative promotes the image of the Brazilian leather commercially and institutionally within a varied strategic public all over the world. Through planned actions, the national tannery industry has been able to expand market – with exports to almost a hundred nations -, grown in numbers and technologically developed with positive concept in the most demanding global markets, in addition to contributing to the economy of the country. We believe in people. We believe in our talent for handcrafting products that will make history. We believe in sustainability — social, economic, and environmental — to promote transformation, be it of cycles, materials, or habits. This is why we believe in design. In the industry. In Brazil. We believe in leather.


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